Matryoshka (マトリョシカ) Fandub!~

2010/09/06 10:17
YAYYYYY!~ Finally a new fandub! But, unfortunately I finished at 3 am last night, so it probably wouldn't be as good as if I finished in the morning... Oh well!~ And I added a little stuff at the end, I hope it sounds acceptable.... xD Some parts were pretty difficult, but I got them.... I think... I STILL think I could have done a better job on this. (I say that about all my fandubs.~) but this song is totally awesome. Gumi is AMAZINGGG.~


................ I'm not going to get my love is War cosplay in time for AWA.... xD Oh well.

►Feeling: Tired, but some what accomplished.
►Listening to: Matryoshka -duhhhh-
►What I'm doing: Just got up; trying to wake up....
►Currently watching: Kimi ni Todoke. (I'm also reading the manga.~)


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