Miku-tan's new icon, and other..?

2010/09/05 14:15
I'm currently trying to make a new icon err, avatar? I don't really know what they're supposed to be called. xD Anyways, I'm making a newer one; I'm getting pretty sick of my current one... I had trouble picking pictures... It was one out of these:

Konachan.com - 82839 hatsune_miku vocaloid Konachan.com - 81249 aqua_hair hatsune_miku nude vocaloid white Konachan.com - 82169 hatsune_miku vocaloid Konachan.com - 81736 aqua_hair barefoot blue_hair glasses green_hair gumi hatsune_miku kagamine_len kagamine_rin kaito long_hair meiko pink_hair purple_hair vocaloid white

The second one won.~ xD

So my new icon is now this:


I seriously lack the ability to make these things... I just use Adobe Photoshop Elements. And I'm not sure it lets you use fonts, and have the line around the word... Like, I'd have to draw the outer line around the words. -too lazy-

I may upload a new fandub either tonight, or tomorrow. I'm so happy I have tomorrow off. *w*
Yesterday I went to a mini con called Libraricon. The place it was held at was a city called Fayetteville, North Carolina. I live about 2 and a half hours away from there. But guess what, we got lost. We ended up taking 5 hours to get there. xD
We went around gas stations and places like that and asked 4 people where Fayetteville was. Barely any of them told us the right way! OAO So, we bought a map... Oh yeah, you're probably wondering why we got lost. It was because my printer isn't working, so I couldn't print out map quest. And my father and I thought that we could just use the GPS in the car. But NOOO, after we drove about 70 miles on the high way, on the GPS, we appeared to be not on a road. The GPS had no idea where we wear (appearently it's pretty old.. >w>). SO THEEEN, I used the map quest mobile on my phone, but that didn't help either (because we had no idea where we were to begin with). And that was when we bout the map.

I hope my lame story amused you to some extent. xD

Hey look! A new thingy I'll have at my blog from time to time!

►Feeling: Lousy.
►Listening to: "Kiss Me" by Hirano Aya.
►What I'm doing: Homework, then new dub (Tis a secret... Or is it?)
►Currently watching: Kimi ni Todoke. (I'm also reading the manga.~)


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