Perfume's "VOICE" & album cover! °ᶸ°

2010/08/29 15:35
So, today I've been wandering around the net, and I was reminded about Perfume. I haven't listened to their music in a long time! (Because my ipod doesn't have much memory, so I resorted to taking them off. D:) Perfume, a Japanese, female technopop group), released a new single on Auguast 11th called "VOICE". I think it's wonderful! The music video for VOICE is so creative and awesome! Take a look:

If you like Japanese techno-pop music, you should definitely get into them. X3
Here's a picture of them. I think that they're fun and adorable.~
perfume voice Pictures, Images and Photos

And I'm pretty sure this is the cover of VOICE Limited Editon
Perfume VOICE

All their covers are really pretty. ♥

Okay, so you know how I make covers of songs? Well. I made a cover like if I had an album or something. I didn't like the one I made before, so I made a new one. Especially since I got my hair cut. xD

So here's the new one:
Miku-tan cover
Click on it if you wanna see it bigger.~

I can't wait until I get unsick (lulz), so Ican sing and start recording again... I REALLY want to do Tabi no Tochuu, and Lost Story.

Well, until next time. Bye bye.~


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