Sicky, and tired... ᵕAᵕ⸗

2010/08/28 23:55
Uwww, I'd really like to be working on dubs and singing right now (like I always do... =^=), but unfortunately, I've gotten sick *sniffles*. I hate it... My mom kept asking "How have your allergies been? Not bothering you at all?" the past few days. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS. Here they are. Wonderful. So yeah, I can't record until they go away. And I was really looking forward to doing "Tabi no Tochuu" (the OP for Spice Wolf); someone requested it. I LOVE THE SONG SO MUCH. ♥ It's beautiful!! And I really do think it suits my voice; teehee.~

Here's the song:

Today's Saturday (well, technically it's Sunday cause it's 12:30 well I am typing this, lulz.), and I have a tennis match on Monday. I hope I'm feeling better by then. Also, I started school the 19th (So much earlier than everybody else! /sobsob), and I already have an English essay to write! I dislike my new English teacher... Oh well, I will learn to like her.


AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta), an anime convention I go to yearly in Atlanta, Georgia, is SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR. It's September 17-19th; from what I can remember... Oh well. I can't wait. T^T So many awesome friends I get to see again that I haven't seen since last AWA. ♥

YUP! I guess that's it for today's blog. 8D


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