Hello from a far.

2011/09/04 12:31
Hello! こんにちわ!¡Hola!

I haven't blogged anything in so long, I think I had even forgotten I had a blog. (((( ;゚Д゚))) I'm very sorry, everyone.

Oh yeah! If you have a tumblr, you should totally follow me!! ♥ http://miku-tan.tumblr.com/

I will try to update more often (I know I say that often, but this time I really do mean it!!

I started school a few weeks ago, so I'm all settled in as a 11th grader. I'm taking Spanish 3 this year, and so far we are just reviewing Spanish 1 and 2. My teacher is very friendly and nice, but also and hard teacher. I like him as a teacher. I hope to be able to speak Spanish very well by the end of the year. (And this is while I slowly learn Japanese by myself)

Recently, I've been practicing my memorization of kiragana and some katakana by translating a Japanese manga I got from amazon.jp. I got my all time favorite: High School Debut (高校デビュ) volume 14, which I think part of it is called Enren Debut (Long-Distance Love Debut, 円連デビュ). I love it so much.

It's becoming quite difficult to type, because I got fake long nails, haha. They were on sale and were really pretty, so I bought them.


I'm just blogging about random stuff that is going on, ahaha. I hope no one minds.
You're probably bored of reading this. (´;ω;`)

I have a lot of American Literature to read today. So, I should get going.

Bye bye!! さようなら!! ¡Adiós!!

►Feeling: Happy!
►Listening to: Fallin' Love (フォーリン ラブ) - 7!! Seven Oops
►What I'm doing: LIVING.
►Currently watching: Ao no Exorcist, Usagi Drop, & The iDOLM@STER.


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Oh, you're only one grade above me! I'm currently taking Spanish 2. Though, after this year I most likely won't take it because I only have to take two language credits.

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ur a faget



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ola- good luck with the spanish

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Hi! I came from Niconico Douga(ニコニコ動画), just from your video that you sang 'connect'(from "puella magi madoka magica").
Your voice is so powerful, and your song gave me something new good feeling!

I'm glad to know that you love our country's contents(Manga,and others). please enjoy, and if you love another Japanese animation, please sing new song and let us listen it!

From your fan, bye!

p.s:Enren Debut (Long-Distance Love Debut) might be '遠恋デビュ' . '遠' means long-distance, and '恋' means love. ;)

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