Pray for Japan. <3

2011/03/13 13:56
Well... I've been pretty upset about what has happened and what is continuing to happen in Japan... And all I can do is pray for the situation to get better. (I would give some money to a foundation, but I am sadly broke...)

Anyways, off the depressing note.

I was at a cosplay picnic at the park with my friends yesterday(as Miku, obviously). And I was in heels ALL DAY (I ran and danced in them orz). I cannot feel my feet or legs. xD And when we were chilling on the dock I stepped on a piece of wood that was sticking out of the dock(I am a klutz, I didn't see it. Dx) and it dug into the arc of my right foot. So, now I have to limp everywhere I go. Ahah. It's actually really funny, because both of my legs are sore. So I'm double limping. xD -shot- And my friend that cosplays Rin and also Ciel dropped her phone into the lake on accident.. So hopefully she can get it replaced soon. > A <

I want to work on Happy Synthesizer today (before my Auto-tune trial runs out ORZ, I should try to look for the free full version.. huh...?)... But I don't want to do a happy song....! ; ___ ; I-I don't know what to do!!

►Feeling: Tired and sore.
►Listening to: arcadia (One of Chihaya's character songs)
►What I'm doing: sitting here. D:
►Currently watching: ... SHOULD be watching Kuroshitsuji season 2 -shot-


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Hello. I'm a audience of Nico Nico Douga in Japan.
I often listen to your song when I feel sad and I want to become energetic.

The other day,a very big earthquake occurred and a lot of people are sacrificed in Tohoku area of Japan.
It is a very sad thing.

I think,as a Japanese,I should understand the sadness of struck people.However,entire Japan feel too much sadness.Now that,Japan is covered with sadness because of the earthquake.
I think that it is important to understand sadness.
However,Japan seems to be crushed by the sadness.
Now,what japan needs is ''smile'' and ''energy'',I think.
So please sing without hesitating if you hesitate to sing a bright tune.
Your song and your voice is beautiful.I think that your song is surely heartening to Japan. ヽ(*゚∀゚)ノ

日本に活力(= energy)と笑顔(= smile)を取り戻す為にぜひあなたの歌を聴かせてください。待ってます。

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Japan is a strong country.
We stand absolutely again.

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