Cosplay! ♥ & Panty and Stocking!

2011/01/13 15:53
-random color is random- Oh look. When it snowed the other day I went outside and took picks of me in my Miku wig. >w< Wanna see?~ Click on them to see them! ♥
089.jpg 077.jpg 073.jpg 094.jpg

Wow, the quality totally went down when I uploaded them to the blog... Oh well. >w>

Aaaaaand... Whoever is reading this... /shot. If you haven't already watched my Panty and Stocking fandub, please watch it! ;w;

Wowwwww. The video barely fits in the blog area. xD Oh well.~ All voices done by me! If you watched it, I hope you enjoy it!

Anyways.~ Bye bye for now! <3

►Feeling: Tired, and let down. But some how optimistic.
►Listening to: Secret Police
►What I'm doing: Homework.. Dx
►Currently watching: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. (Even though I already finished the series... I like re-watching)


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