Merry Christmas!! (°ᴥ°)/

2010/12/24 18:16
Gwuaaaaaaaaaaah, I haven't blogged in so long!! xD; No worries; no one reads my blogs anyways so it's fine! Lolol. Well, I've been really slacky lately, and I have like 5 choruses to do. >w< I will finish them today, nya! But first... I'm working on Soundless Voice by Kagamine Len. I know it's cheating, but I pitched changed it, and it actually sounds good!! ^ u ^

Please look forward to it! This will be my "Christmas special"; since I couldn't find a good Christmas song I wanted to do. (I wanted to do Christmas Morgue SO BADLY, but I could not find an off vocal ; A ;) Oh!~ And I was in an IDOLM@STER chorus as Makoto. The song is called Meri (or メリー) happy remix! Here it is if you want to so see! >w<

Uww uww, I have a lot of stuff to do! I better get going. xD;
Merry Christmas everyone! And have a Happy New Year~~

►Listening to: Soundless Voice (Kagamine Len)
►What I'm doing: MMOS.
►Currently watching: Kimi ni Todoke. (still, /shot)


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