Wow. Distractions!

2010/10/10 15:39
Ehehe, I had a feeling I should drift away form my blog. And I did. BUT I HAVE DRIFTED BACK MWUAHAH. I should be doing homework right now, but whatever!
I have testing this week (on Wednesday). And I also have a big English project due the same day. AND I have a tennis conference (or tournament) that I will be at all day on Tuesday. AAAANDDDD I have tennis practice and voice lessons tomorrow night. So yeah, I will be VERY busy for the next 3 days. /sobs

Oh, have you noticed that I changed my blog template? ;D I hope you have. Cause it's pretty obvious. Oh well; I won't hit you if you didn't.

Here's one of my newer fandubs if you haven't seen it.~

I promised someone I would do Tabi no Tochuu. But I'm sorry, I've been avoiding it! T^T Mehhh. I will get to it eventually.

Anyways, I shoudl really get to doing my homework. And maybe after I could work on a fandub.~ Bye bye!

►Feeling: Tired; I barely slept last night. ;w;
►Listening to: *tear* (Mimu's cover)
►What I'm doing: Forming a headache.
►Currently watching: Kimi ni Todoke. (still, /shot)


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