2011/11/12 00:48
Hello everyone! ^^
I am being forgetful (like always) about my blog. But here I am!
I just wanted to say hey, and say some updates.

I never posted my tumblr on my blog... So here! Follow me on Tumblr, even though I spam awesome stuff, and Homestuck! :D

I uploaded a new cover:

I also recorded Romeo and Cinderella in English using Razzy's lyrics, and it will uploaded soon!

And for the people that don't know, I recently got into Homestuck about a month and a half ago. ' v '
My favorite character is Eridan. <3 Man. Ohhhhh, man. I love Eridan. <333

I mean. Come on. Look at this.


Okay, yeah. Homestuck.

I'm also working on a Fem!Gamzee cosplay. And I possibly might do 4 chords Fem!Gamzee cosplay too.
We'll see!

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