Hello from a far.

2011/09/04 12:31
Hello! こんにちわ!¡Hola!

I haven't blogged anything in so long, I think I had even forgotten I had a blog. (((( ;゚Д゚))) I'm very sorry, everyone.

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I will try to update more often (I know I say that often, but this time I really do mean it!!

I started school a few weeks ago, so I'm all settled in as a 11th grader. I'm taking Spanish 3 this year, and so far we are just reviewing Spanish 1 and 2. My teacher is very friendly and nice, but also and hard teacher. I like him as a teacher. I hope to be able to speak Spanish very well by the end of the year. (And this is while I slowly learn Japanese by myself)

Recently, I've been practicing my memorization of kiragana and some katakana by translating a Japanese manga I got from amazon.jp. I got my all time favorite: High School Debut (高校デビュ) volume 14, which I think part of it is called Enren Debut (Long-Distance Love Debut, 円連デビュ). I love it so much.

It's becoming quite difficult to type, because I got fake long nails, haha. They were on sale and were really pretty, so I bought them.


I'm just blogging about random stuff that is going on, ahaha. I hope no one minds.
You're probably bored of reading this. (´;ω;`)

I have a lot of American Literature to read today. So, I should get going.

Bye bye!! さようなら!! ¡Adiós!!

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