What is this--

2011/05/04 15:49
So, I want to complain about everything right now and why I am full of angst lately, but I won't. = v =;; I am totally happy and grateful for everything I have. But then there are those times.... Agh. It's like... I feel like all depressed and stuff over the smallest things... But then you think and realize, even people I know have it more rough than me... I shouldn't even begin to complain about my problems.

And I've been totally bombarded with school (-cough- mostly Literature class -cough-) that I have barely any time to sing. I'm also in a school play that is on Friday, and I will be singing one of my Italian Arias that I have learned. And boy, am I nervous! (That was cheesy *SHOT*)
And tomorrow I have play practice until 9 pm, so I am going to be tired.

BUT! Next week I leave to go to Atlanta, Georgia on a school trip! We get to miss two days of school, and also we have Friday off. A break! I cannot wait. I just need to get this week and the two days of next week OVER WITH. Theeeen, two weeks after that week I am going to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta), which is an anime convention also in Atlanta. And I will be praying that my cosplay comes in in time. QAQ

Anyways, bye bye for now.

►Feeling: Melancholy.
►Listening to: Risky Game (Hatsune Miku)
►What I'm doing: Worrying about the play and my English essay.
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