Pray for Japan. <3

2011/03/13 13:56
Well... I've been pretty upset about what has happened and what is continuing to happen in Japan... And all I can do is pray for the situation to get better. (I would give some money to a foundation, but I am sadly broke...)

Anyways, off the depressing note.

I was at a cosplay picnic at the park with my friends yesterday(as Miku, obviously). And I was in heels ALL DAY (I ran and danced in them orz). I cannot feel my feet or legs. xD And when we were chilling on the dock I stepped on a piece of wood that was sticking out of the dock(I am a klutz, I didn't see it. Dx) and it dug into the arc of my right foot. So, now I have to limp everywhere I go. Ahah. It's actually really funny, because both of my legs are sore. So I'm double limping. xD -shot- And my friend that cosplays Rin and also Ciel dropped her phone into the lake on accident.. So hopefully she can get it replaced soon. > A <

I want to work on Happy Synthesizer today (before my Auto-tune trial runs out ORZ, I should try to look for the free full version.. huh...?)... But I don't want to do a happy song....! ; ___ ; I-I don't know what to do!!

►Feeling: Tired and sore.
►Listening to: arcadia (One of Chihaya's character songs)
►What I'm doing: sitting here. D:
►Currently watching: ... SHOULD be watching Kuroshitsuji season 2 -shot-