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2011/01/29 19:54
Hiya people! I'm actually updating my blog! Eheh.

Anyways! An extremely nice, and awesome subber named domelola has been transfering my covers to Nico Nico Douga! And appearently some of mine are REALLY popular! x w x I was so amazed when I got the news!~ And I will continue to work hard on my music!! * u ~)bb

Alright! So today felt really nice outside.~ So I put my Miku wig on, because I was bored. And I went outside and took some pics.~ xD

So here's another chance to see me as Miku! >w<'' But unfortunately I'm just wearing normal clothing, sorry!
Here are some of the pictures.~

_DSC0237.jpg _DSC0292.jpg _DSC0303.jpg _DSC0324.jpg    

Sorry that they are just head shots! ; w ; I was taking them by myself! Ahah!

Look!!! So many birds!!


I'm sorry I don't have a video to post in this entry! xD; I will work on one maybe tomorrow!

Bye bye!~

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