The Prince of Egypt!

2010/09/11 12:34
Hey there YOU PEOPLEEE. Sorry ,I felt like making a big entrance. I haven't written on my blog in a few days.. owo

I just wanted you to know. :3
Errr, maybe I've already said or you could tell already. XDD

Does anyone else think that the main characters (and usually others) in the animated movies Dreamworks makes (Like Prince of Egypt, Joseph The King of Dreams, and The Road to El Dorado) are attractive. I mean seriously! Moses was REALLY good looking.. ;w;

Anyways, I covered one of the songs, When You Believe. Yes, covered; not fandubbed, cause it's in English. Ahah. 8D So yeah. Please watch!

I can't decide what song from the movie is my favorite. (I even download the soundtrack. Yes.) I was like "I really like River Lullaby... No, Through Heaven's Eyes... No.. The Plagues...". THEY ARE ALL AMAZING. GAHH.

Now, I wanted to do more English songs. I also wanted to do another song from the movie, but all the amazing songs I love are by guys. D': Anyways, Hisui asked me to do "Reflection" from Mulan. So, that will probably be my next English song!~ ^_^

Look forward to it, please! xD

►Feeling: Sad, but happy at the same time.. =A='
►Listening to: The Plagues (from The Prince of Egypt. ;D)
►What I'm doing: Writing a blog.. xD
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