2011/11/12 00:48
Hello everyone! ^^
I am being forgetful (like always) about my blog. But here I am!
I just wanted to say hey, and say some updates.

I never posted my tumblr on my blog... So here! Follow me on Tumblr, even though I spam awesome stuff, and Homestuck! :D

I uploaded a new cover:

I also recorded Romeo and Cinderella in English using Razzy's lyrics, and it will uploaded soon!

And for the people that don't know, I recently got into Homestuck about a month and a half ago. ' v '
My favorite character is Eridan. <3 Man. Ohhhhh, man. I love Eridan. <333

I mean. Come on. Look at this.


Okay, yeah. Homestuck.

I'm also working on a Fem!Gamzee cosplay. And I possibly might do 4 chords Fem!Gamzee cosplay too.
We'll see!

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Hello from a far.

2011/09/04 12:31
Hello! こんにちわ!¡Hola!

I haven't blogged anything in so long, I think I had even forgotten I had a blog. (((( ;゚Д゚))) I'm very sorry, everyone.

Oh yeah! If you have a tumblr, you should totally follow me!! ♥

I will try to update more often (I know I say that often, but this time I really do mean it!!

I started school a few weeks ago, so I'm all settled in as a 11th grader. I'm taking Spanish 3 this year, and so far we are just reviewing Spanish 1 and 2. My teacher is very friendly and nice, but also and hard teacher. I like him as a teacher. I hope to be able to speak Spanish very well by the end of the year. (And this is while I slowly learn Japanese by myself)

Recently, I've been practicing my memorization of kiragana and some katakana by translating a Japanese manga I got from I got my all time favorite: High School Debut (高校デビュ) volume 14, which I think part of it is called Enren Debut (Long-Distance Love Debut, 円連デビュ). I love it so much.

It's becoming quite difficult to type, because I got fake long nails, haha. They were on sale and were really pretty, so I bought them.


I'm just blogging about random stuff that is going on, ahaha. I hope no one minds.
You're probably bored of reading this. (´;ω;`)

I have a lot of American Literature to read today. So, I should get going.

Bye bye!! さようなら!! ¡Adiós!!

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What is this--

2011/05/04 15:49
So, I want to complain about everything right now and why I am full of angst lately, but I won't. = v =;; I am totally happy and grateful for everything I have. But then there are those times.... Agh. It's like... I feel like all depressed and stuff over the smallest things... But then you think and realize, even people I know have it more rough than me... I shouldn't even begin to complain about my problems.

And I've been totally bombarded with school (-cough- mostly Literature class -cough-) that I have barely any time to sing. I'm also in a school play that is on Friday, and I will be singing one of my Italian Arias that I have learned. And boy, am I nervous! (That was cheesy *SHOT*)
And tomorrow I have play practice until 9 pm, so I am going to be tired.

BUT! Next week I leave to go to Atlanta, Georgia on a school trip! We get to miss two days of school, and also we have Friday off. A break! I cannot wait. I just need to get this week and the two days of next week OVER WITH. Theeeen, two weeks after that week I am going to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta), which is an anime convention also in Atlanta. And I will be praying that my cosplay comes in in time. QAQ

Anyways, bye bye for now.

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Pray for Japan. <3

2011/03/13 13:56
Well... I've been pretty upset about what has happened and what is continuing to happen in Japan... And all I can do is pray for the situation to get better. (I would give some money to a foundation, but I am sadly broke...)

Anyways, off the depressing note.

I was at a cosplay picnic at the park with my friends yesterday(as Miku, obviously). And I was in heels ALL DAY (I ran and danced in them orz). I cannot feel my feet or legs. xD And when we were chilling on the dock I stepped on a piece of wood that was sticking out of the dock(I am a klutz, I didn't see it. Dx) and it dug into the arc of my right foot. So, now I have to limp everywhere I go. Ahah. It's actually really funny, because both of my legs are sore. So I'm double limping. xD -shot- And my friend that cosplays Rin and also Ciel dropped her phone into the lake on accident.. So hopefully she can get it replaced soon. > A <

I want to work on Happy Synthesizer today (before my Auto-tune trial runs out ORZ, I should try to look for the free full version.. huh...?)... But I don't want to do a happy song....! ; ___ ; I-I don't know what to do!!

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Insert interesting title here!~

2011/01/29 19:54
Hiya people! I'm actually updating my blog! Eheh.

Anyways! An extremely nice, and awesome subber named domelola has been transfering my covers to Nico Nico Douga! And appearently some of mine are REALLY popular! x w x I was so amazed when I got the news!~ And I will continue to work hard on my music!! * u ~)bb

Alright! So today felt really nice outside.~ So I put my Miku wig on, because I was bored. And I went outside and took some pics.~ xD

So here's another chance to see me as Miku! >w<'' But unfortunately I'm just wearing normal clothing, sorry!
Here are some of the pictures.~

_DSC0237.jpg _DSC0292.jpg _DSC0303.jpg _DSC0324.jpg    

Sorry that they are just head shots! ; w ; I was taking them by myself! Ahah!

Look!!! So many birds!!


I'm sorry I don't have a video to post in this entry! xD; I will work on one maybe tomorrow!

Bye bye!~

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